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Ring Ring
Ring Ring

You woke up at a Saturday morning. It was sunny outside and also warm. You didn't want to come out of your warm bed,but the phone kept on ringing and ringing. You finally got up and walked to the phone. ".....Hello?" You slowly said. "Hello (Name)! It's a nice day,is it not?" The caller seem cheerful. You blinked a few times to process what's going on. Then you realized, the caller was none other than England. He was your best friend and crush.

"....Hello?" "Ah! Sorry England. I'm a bit slow today.....I just woke up" You quickly answered. "But (Name)'s already noon." England stated. You looked at the clock on the wall. It was 12:01pm. "Whoa! I didn't know!" You heard England chuckle a bit.

"No worries,love. You can come over and I'll make something for you." Going over to England's house? Sweet~ you happily thought. "Sure! I'll come over as soon as I dress up!" With that,you quickly hung up before he could answer and dressed up.

~England Pov~

"Sigh.....she hung up on me again." England quietly said to himself. "Now....I need to make something for (Name)! I'm sure she will be very hungry." He walked to the kitchen and began to make a meal for 2.

After a few minutes, he tried to make many dishes but utterly failed. Finally,he gave up and made a easy-to-cook pizza. He was a bit sad, but he made tea. He gathered up his tea set and put them on a silver tray. Then he carried it to the living room and put it on the small round table in the middle.

Ding Dong
Ding Dong

Right on time! England thought. "I'm coming love!" England walked to the front door and slowly opened it. Then, he saw an American man waiting on his doorstep. "Yo dude! What's up?" The American man cheerfully said. "America? What are you doing here?" England yelled at him. "What? You don't want me here?" "Of course I don't! I happen to have a guest coming now so. Please do leave." He calmly said.

"A guest? Who's this 'guest' of yours?" America smiled in curiosity. "It's my dear friend (Name)." Then America's smiles grew wider. "Oh~ Your 'friend'?" "Yes. My friend. Why are you repeating it?" England was very confused. "Ha! You don't understand do you~?" "Understand what?"

America just smiled at him. "I'm going to teach you a little lesson."

~Your Pov~

You were almost to England's house. Then you saw America come out of England's house. Why was America coming out of England's house? you thought. America saw and walked toward you. You became a little tense. "Hey (Name)!" "O-oh....hi America." You quietly said. "What's wrong? You seem a little.... tense ~" America smiled. You started to get a message in your head. Run away, it said. "I-I have to go to....England's house s-so...if you excuse me.." You began to walk away.

"Have a lovely evening (Name)!" He yelled and walked away. If only you knew what he meant.

You went up to England's doorstep and rang the doorbell.

Ding Dong

England opened the door. There was a smile placed on his face. "Hello,love! You finally made it." England cheerfully said. "Ah....yes. Thank you England." You walked inside the house as England closed the door. "You can go to the living room. I have tea waiting for you on the table." You walked into the living room. It seem the same from what you last visited it. You sat down on the couch and poured tea into your cup. "Love! I hope you like pizza because I made some." England walked in carrying a silver tray with the pizza.

"Wow! It looks delicious!" You practically drooled on sight. England chucked. "I'm glad you like it (Name). I tried to make other dishes but they always come out burnt." England seems like his own self. I wonder what America meant.... you thought as you ate the pizza.

After finishing your pizza you were stuffed. "I'm so full.....I can't have another bite of anything else." You fell on the couch. England was just staring at you and smiling. "England....have you been staring at me? I'm sorry if I looking weird!" You blushed. "No it's not that dear...." England said. "Then what is it?"

"It's just how you look delicious my dear."

With that,you were pinned down by your best friend and crush.       
Hey guys~! Here's another fanfic!! It's been long cause I couldn't think of anything. This story is for :iconpru-chan1701:. I owe her this and 2 more fanfics. Curse the day I poked her 3 times!! Well.....better start on the other part~ Byez~

P.S. Part 2 is a lemon (like you didn't know~ XDD)

Part One: Your Here!!
Part Two: Coming soon...

Hetalia by :iconhimaruyaplz:
You by You
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